Grace Arena is a Parish and Zone of “A Certain People” from multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-national backgrounds; enabled by His grace to become a united family of God’s people destined for heaven, who will continually advance the enthronement of the Kingdom of God as envisioned by the Redeemed Christian Church of God; and being built up spiritually, physically, mentally, materially and socially will through holy living, preaching of the gospel, church planting and social reformation programs; positively influence other individuals, families, communities, businesses, governments and society at large in order to help multiply the number of people living to make eternal life.

GAZ Mission Statement

“We, the members of Grace Arena Parish and Zone are “A certain people” fully persuaded of our uncommon heritage and unusual connection to God’s grace; being daily built up by Grace to the likeness of our Lord, we connect with and serve one another, share and spread the love of Christ as we strive to inspire and influence the community, society and world around us and bring many more people to Him to enthrone the Kingdom of our God on earth”.